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Epurex Pulper Screen

EPUREX PULPER SCREEN e-mail print ApplicationCOMER EPUREX dumping screen consists of a unit system, combined with a high density pulper. In such a system the separation and removal of contaminants from suspended fibres is obtained by the EPUREX screen, while the pulper, without perforated plate, is only suitable for high-density pulping. The high density pulper, thanks to the special rotor shape, prevents stock contaminants from being minced, so that their removal will be easier in the following EPUREX screen stage.FeaturesThe EPUREX dumping screen is completely manufactured in stainless steel, excluding the supporting frame which is in mild steel. The operating cycle of the machine is fully automatic: the first stage starts filling up the Epurex chamber with water. The filling time is preset on the timer: when reached, the valve feeding the screen opens, the screen motor starts as well as the pump. During this stage the discharge of the pulper takes place according to a pre-set time. When the pulper is empty and washed up, the feed valve shuts and washing of the contaminants takes place in the screen by using the last available dilution water. Then the pump stops, the discharge valve shuts and rejects are discharged: now the machine is ready for a new cycle. If there is a power failure all the cycle stops immediately.OperationThe whole high density fibre suspension, including all non-minced contami-nants, is sent from the pulper directly to the EPUREX dumping screen by a control valve.After a dilution stage, the stock reaches a consistency of 4-5%, then it is separated from contaminants by the EPUREX screen perforated plate. A special rotor, provided with three blades, keeps the perforated plate clean and allows contaminants to be stored in the in the screen bottom. After a short stage of waste washing, as guarantee of fibres recovery, conta-minants are removed by an opening, complete with valve, sited in the screen bottom. All screen running sequences are automatic.This system Pulper-EPUREX offers evident advantages:1 the pulper always keeps clean and can work even during contaminants washing and removal stages, occurring in the EPUREX screen.2 there is considerable saving in the energy required.3 a better stock separation and cleaning, the EPUREX perforated plate being provided with smaller holes than usually found in the high density pulpers.